Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boilers and Hawkeyes Tonight

So the Boilers have Iowa coming to Mackey Arena tonight. Purdue has won 5 straight including Saturday's huge win over #11 Wisconsin. This team is really playing some outstanding basketball right now. They are shooting the lights out, playing great D, the young guys are growing up fast, and everybody is doing their part to contribute. They are really fun to watch!

15-5 is their record. If there is anybody out there that thought Purdue was going to have this record this season is a liar. Painter really has these guys playing like a team and everybody knows their role. I was pretty skeptical of Painter early in the season because of all the close losses. Many times a young team needs a very strong coach to make the right decisions at the end of a game to get out with a win. I didn't feel Painter was doing a good job of this. But, as usual, I'm wrong. Painter has got these guys running on all cylinders. I don't think there's been this much excitement in Mackey since the late 90s.

Hopefully they can keep the good play going against Iowa tonight. Sorry to those of you without a dish, it's on the Big Ten Network, you are just going to have to come back tomorrow to get my expert analysis of the game.

On another note I was watching SportsCenter last night. Media Day for the Super Bowl was yesterday or Monday or whatever. Plaxico Burress said that he predicted a 23-17 victory for the Giants on Sunday. ESPN was trying to make a controversy of this like it was Bush giving out Presidential Secrets to the Iranians or something. What's he supposed to say, "...No, I really don't think we have a chance on Sunday. I really don't know why we're even going to play the game...." Just stupid. I should hope he thinks the Giants are going to win! SportsCenter went on about this for about 20 minutes. Very annoying.
Go Boilers!

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